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Oh Happy Day, The App Is Released!

Hello fans of Steampunk, Sherlock Holmes, and Steampunk Holmes. And good literature.

Today is a grand day.

We're so pleased to announce the release of our enhanced book app.

Steampunk Holmes:Legacy of the Nautilus is now an interactive book app with optional audio narrative, illustrated designs of devices, gorgeous painted illustrations, character profiles, an interactive map of 19th Century London, and a musical score by the fantastic steampunk band Abney Park. The app is sold for $9.99 on iTunes, exclusively for the iPad.
Steampunk Holmes has been nominated for an Airship Award for Best Fiction at Steamcon, and has been mentioned in the New York Times and complimented by Ay-leen the Peacemaker at for “revitalizing old-fashioned storytelling in new ways.” And Wired wrote, “Steampunk Holmes was a joy to read!” 

But what's a party without gifts? We have a giveaway for anyone who helps promote or buy or review the app.

This GIVEAWAY is for anyone who buys or reviews the app. We'll give away a prized digital copy of any Steampunk Holmes art of your choosing ... every day for a week!

a Rafflecopter giveaway 

This GIVEAWAY is for people who help promote the app on Social Media. The prizes are a free copy of the Steampunk Holmes app, as well as this awesome steampunk octopus pendant from the amazing Etsy store, Victorian Curiosities:
Isn't he great? Don't you want him?

Thank you so much for helping us along the way. You're the best fans anyone could ask for.


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We are participating in's Steampunk Festival. Freado is a neat way to win free books. After you sign in, you get to play some addicting games (seriously, don't ask me how many hours I spent playing the games yesterday) and whoever has the highest score wins the book of the day!
Steampunk Holmes: Legacy of the Nautilus will be free on September 27th. So you better go brush up on your skills and start playing the Freado games today.

Airship Award Nomination for Best Fiction!

We are absolutely delighted that Steampunk Holmes: Legacy of the Nautilus was nominated for the Airship Award for Best Fiction.
P.C. Martin deserves all the praise she can get for her astute take on Watson's voice, creating a mystery worthy of Sherlock, and creating a new steampunk London world.
Thanks so much to Diana Vick at Steamcon for this great honor.
Check out all the other fantastic steampunk nominations here....