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The Black Widow uses a two cylinder (or compound) engine for quick acceleration and power and a steam turbine as a second stage for sustained speed and long distances.  Like most steam powered vehicles and devices, it is powered by Moriarty H202 (Hydrogen Peroxide) steam generators which use a catalyst to cause the H202 to boil rather than a boiler to produce power. The formula of the catalyst is a secret of Moriarty Chemical, which is the exclusive producer and seller of the material.

The Black Widow was designed and built by Sherlock Holmes; its engines come from military stock vehicles produced for the British military by Moriarty Motors. The Black Widow is most probably the fastest land vehicle of its time.

The Gatling gun, also military stock produced by The Gatling Co., fires 300 rounds per minute. Instead of being driven by a hand crank, as was common, the eight barrels turn and fire using the kick-back for the previous round (aka Recoil-Operated). The ammunition is a smaller caliber .303 Lee-Metford bullet of lead encased (jacketed) in copper to improve accuracy (lead tends to warp its shape when fired, distorting accuracy).

The Nautilus submarine was designed and developed by Captain Nemo (aka Prince Dakkar) of India, and was used in a 10-year terrorist campaign against the subjects of the British Empire.  Responsible for sinking dozens of ships, the Nautilus disappeared from the high seas without explanation.

Five years after its disappearance, the scuttled submarine was recovered from a deep lagoon in an uncharted island by the British Secret Service.  Its design was documented in detail and is still under review by the British Military at Woolwich Arsenal, London, England.  Some aspects of the Nautilus submarine, such as the means by which it generated steam power, remain a mystery to researchers after three years of investigation.

Watson's Anthromechical Arm was originally designed by Moriarty Medical and distributed to war veterans in the late 1870's by the British government.  The arm is powered by Moriarty H202 (Hydrogen Peroxide) miniature steam actuators and is controlled by a Lepine Caliber Engine.

This model has been extensively modified by Sherlock Holmes to increase its lift capacity, operating efficiency, and includes an embedded weapon deployment framework.