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The Steampunk Holmes series is published by Noble Beast, LLC a transmedia publisher specializing in fiction of the fantastic.  In addition to the Steampunk Holmes series, Noble Beast will soon be publishing Steam Patriots.  To stay informed about Noble Beast in all of its endeavors visit our web site and subscribe to our twitter feed.

About this project:

Steampunk Holmes is a mashup of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes, characters, and stories from other 19th century works set in an alternative Steampunk universe.  In the Steampunk Holmes Universe, a new, more compact and powerful steam engine has been invented, which powers everything from motorcycles to airships; computers, called Babbage Engines, are pervasive and critical to the information architecture of Victorian England; and the telegraph has evolved into a world wide network connecting Babbage Engines and people. 

The series starts in the year 1885, when Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson are called in by Sherlock’s sister, Mycroft Holmes, to help find the stolen plans of a very advanced submarine, the Nautilus, recovered from the watery grave of the most notorious terrorist of the British Empire, Captain Nemo.   Who stole the plans and what will they do with them? This is a job for the world's greatest Amateur Detective and his trusty bionic sidekick.

But this is only the beginning of a series of adventures that will take Sherlock, Watson and Mycroft all over the world, encountering technological miracles, geniuses and mad men originally created by the early masters of speculative fiction, Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, Mary Shelley, and others.

The first interactive installment of the series “Steampunk Holmes: Legacy of the Nautilus” is currently in development, but a super arc has been developed that will allow us to follow Holmes, Watson, and Mycroft on many adventures. 

The adventures of Steampunk Holmes will be published as interactive books with optional narrative, designs for super-steampunk devices (James Bond’s got nothing on Holmes), and animated scenes for the iPad. 

You can also buy the non-interactive version today! Steampunk Holmes: Legacy of the Nautilus is on sale in paperbacke-book and audio at Amazon.

I hope you will follow us on Twitter (@steamholmes) and Facebook (Steampunk Holmes) as we announce updates to the development of this exciting new series and visit this web site now and then to see, behind the scenes, how our work progresses in the development of the first story.

About the team:

Steampunk Holmes wouldn't be possible without the great team Noble Beast has assembled to produce it.

P.C. Martin - Author

P.C. Martin is a big fan of Sherlock Holmes. Working with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's original characters and the short story 'The Adventure of the Bruce-Partington Plans' she has written a captivatingly fast-paced, steampunk, mystery novella. 'Steampunk Holmes: Legacy of the Nautilus', co-authored by Martin and written in Doyle's style, places Holmes, Watson, and Mycroft in a Steampunk Universe.  The novella is so good we are publishing just the story (without enhancements) on Kindle and iBooks in addition to the iPad enhanced eBook.

Daniel Cortes - Artist

Daniel Cortes creates the fantastic art work you see on this site and in the book.  He's a jack-of-all-trades working on the book layout, illustrations, sketches, and animations.  Daniel is in high demand in the video game industry and we are grateful for his contributions to our project. In addition to finding his work in the book, we will make it available for purchase as high-quality poster art.

Gerald Price - Voice Actor

Gerald Price has a deep, warm, mature, British voice with a hint of Wales. Think Anthony Hopkins and Richard Burton! Gerald's voice is articulate, distinct, and believable.  He has been a voice actor for 20 years and was born to narrate Steampunk Holmes - we couldn't have imagined a better narrator.  His work is also outstanding and we'll be offering the audio-only version of his performance of  'Steampunk Holmes: Legacy of the Nautilus' on iTunes and in 2012.