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Great Candidates for Art and Writing

Two of my favorite resources are Elance and Voice123. I use Elance to find software developers, artists, and writers. I use Voice123 to find voice actors. I've used both extensively in the past 18 months and I just can't say enough good things about them.

When I decided to move forward with Steampunk Holmes project, I created a new account on Elance and posted job opportunities for both writing and art work. I've had 10 responses to each post from a number of very talented folks. Now its a matter of testing them out and selecting the best fit for each role.

One of the things I have to figure out is what Sherlock Holmes story I'm working with I have two thoughts on this: I could do an adaptation of "Adventure of the Speckled Band" or create an entirely new adventure from whole cloth loosely based on Sherlock Holmes.

The former - adopting an existing story and giving a Steampunk flavor - is the easiest to accomplish. The problem is that Sherlock Holmes is not very active in his stories. He figures out most of the mysteries through interviews in his flat on Baker street. These stories are fun reads but the opportunity for interactiveness and art is pretty limited. You can only show Holmes sitting in his parlor and pontificating so many times before it gets really dull. The second option, to create a new story, offers the advantage of being able to give the stories more action and to customize them specifically for an interactive experience, but it will be much, much more work.

I don't know which way I'm going to go yet, but I have to figure it out fairly soon because the writers who applied for this project want to know how many words the final story should be and if its a new story or an adaption. The artists need to know how many pieces of art will be required. I can't answer the writers's question until I choose between adaptation and new creation. I can't answer the artists questions until I have a story to work with.

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