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Demo of Steampunk Holmes App!

Our developers have been hard at work, and the Steampunk Holmes: Legacy of the Nautilus interactive app is really shaping up and looking good. Here's a demo:

As you can see, there's a beautiful, detailed map of London where you can watch their journey.

There's character portraits that you unlock as you read the story.

Excellent quality music (by Abney Park) and narration (by Gerald Price), and you can choose to have both on, one on, or no audio.

Subtle animation in each illustration that enhances the art.

A cog tracks where you are at in the story.

There's a beautiful menu bar you can refer to at the top of the page.


We're very excited to introduce this to the world! It will go live around the end of the month.

And if you are interested in being on our mailing list, please sign up. We promise to not flood your inbox (1-2 updates/months at the most), and there will be an extremely awesome and extremely free gift for you at the end of the month if you're on our mailing list. Sign up at the bottom of the page.

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