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Steampunk Cosplay at Planet Comicon

This weekend Steampunk Holmes went to Planet Comicon!

There were many great cosplayers there. Here are some of the fantastic steampunk cosplay outfits I saw:

Amy Coleman as a tinker's daughter.

Eric Hunter and Johnny Ireland. Love the mask. The gun has excellent details as well.

The lovely ladies at House of Genevieve. 

Fantastic leatherwork by House of Genevieve.


Everything Airship Vindus did at the con was excellent. I highly recommend you follow them! They have great pictures up on their Facebook page.

Details from Charlotte's costume.

Johnny Ireland as Steampunk Dread Pirate Roberts

Grant Forbes as Steampunk Ironman

The lovely Tina Reed and Sharon Phelan Weaver.

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Chermone said...

I wanted to meet Steampunk folk there, but didn't. I met a few last weekend at the exhibition. I am still extremely new to the steam punk genre and am learning more about it. There were a lot of interesting steam punk outfits that i saw. the overall convention was awesome!

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