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Reviews and Rhapsodies

First, let's start with some music. The amazing composers of Steampunk Holmes: Legacy of the Nautilus' enhanced book app music is by Abney Park. They're a brilliant post-apocalyptic steampunk band, led by the fearless Captain Robert. They have a new CD, called Circus and the End of the World. 

I particularly love their song, The Story That Never Starts, especially for the violin rhapsody at the beginning. Every Sherlock fan enjoys a good violin solo, eh?

Congratulations to Lucas Corso, who won the giveaway yesterday. But I'm betting you want your own chance to win your choice of ANY of Steampunk Holmes' art, don't you? Simply buy or review Steampunk Holmes' app, and you'll be eligible to win! Best of luck, lads and lassies.
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But there's more. Victorian Curiosities is a wonderful Etsy store that we are excited to be partnering with. Want a steampunk money clip? Hat pin? Earrings? Who doesn't? Victorian Curiosities will have something for anyone.

Once again, thanks a million for being such a great support, and reading and enjoying our book.

What some people have been saying about the enhanced book app:

"It's absolutely beautiful."

"Fantastic app, bravo."

"I'm saving for the iPad. When I get it this will be the first app I purchase for it."

"Awesome new Holmes app..."

"Sweet app."

"Really enjoyed the book and even have my mum into it now."

"I'm waiting for the next book!!"

If you enjoy the enhanced book experience, then we're happy to tell you that we aren't finished making them--in fact, we're just beginning. Noble Beast has just acquired the noir fantasy series, Shotguns and Sorcery, by Matt Forbeck. We're over the moon about it--and have signed on Jeremy Mohler as Art Director and BrunuhVille as the Music Director! Head on over to the Noble Beast article to hear more about the upcoming project....

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