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The Artifact Register—March

Welcome to the first installment of The Artifact Register, where we share some of our favorite Sherlockian and steampunk swag of the month!

steampunk chic design by natalia on project runway
Dress design by Natalia Fedner.
Image via Nick Verreos' blog.

detail of steampunk chic dress by natalia on project runway under the gunn
Dress design by Natalia Fedner.
Image via Nick Verreos' blog.

Project Runway: Under the Gunn hosted a "Steampunk Chic" challenge where the contestants were supposed to make a steampunk-inspired avant-garde look. Most of the designers clearly had no idea what steampunk was, but Natalia knocked the challenge out of the park with her Victorian gown that transformed with a series of gears and pulleys built into the design. Unfortunately, she didn't win. Apparently the judges didn't really know what steampunk was, either.

steampunk kraken iphone case

steampunk clockwork iphone case

Zazzle has a ton of snazzy steampunk iPhone cases, including these sweet kraken and clockwork designs.

steampunk lamp

These Robert Ogden Lamps are made from parts Ogden finds in junk yards and flea markets. They'd look great in a steampunk-style office or library, don't you think?

massimo contran painting
Fornace Zolfo by Massimo Contran.
Image via Agora Gallery.

The hyper-realistic paintings of Massimo Contran have a strong steampunk sensibility, although they are not fantasy images—they're paintings of real abandoned factories and industrial buildings. Like Victorian sketches of archaeological ruins, there's something deeply romantic about Massimo's work, and one can easily imagine the gears of these outdated mechanics and technologies providing inspiration for a story about our alternate past.

Come across something amazing you'd like to see included in The Artifact Register? Email Natasha at, or share it in the comments!

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