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Steampunk Holmes: Frankenstein

We've met our goal on Kickstarter for Steampunk Holmes: Legacy of the Nautilus and so now we have a new challenge for the rapidly growing Steampunk Holmes Community:  Help us meet our stretch goal so we can produce Steampunk Holmes: Frankenstein this year as well!

If you've read the original Frankenstein by Mary Shelley than you know its nothing like the blockheaded creature-flick made famous by Boris Karloff. Frankenstein is one of the greatest works of science fiction (not to mention one of the earliest)  because it is a masterpiece of literature.  The creature in Mary Shelley's book is not a mindless, clumsy monster, he is a character of immense depth and sorrow. An antihero if there ever was one.

In Steampunk Holmes: Frankenstein you can expect an equally deep character which will challenge the mind of Sherlock Holmes, the humanity of Doctor Watson, and the life of Mycroft Holmes.

 If you love this concept as much as we do, and we love it as much as Legacy of the Nautilus, then help support us by spreading the word. We need a big push in the next 12 hours to make Steampunk Holmes: Frankenstein a reality for December 2012.

Please support our project, Steampunk Holmes, at

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