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The Steampunk Holmes Motorcycle

This is the Motorcycle that Sherlock Holmes rides in the Steampunk Holmes book series.  It was originally designed by Mikky Solifague of Solifague Design in Russia.  We licensed the likeness of this bike for use in Steampunk Holmes but also as The Big Ticket Item in our interactive steampunk catalog.

You will be able order this bike custom made and street legal through the Steampunk Holmes web site and eBooks!  Each order will be hand built by Putsch Racing of Dublin, Ohio.

If the name, Putsch Racing, sounds familiar it might be because - in addition to restoring and building custom motorcycles and cars - Putsch Racing built the World's only jet engine powered bat car last year, a feat of engineering covered by just about every major news outlet.

We are super excited to include the Widowmakr (originally named the Black Widow) in our merchandise catalog and we can't wait to see these bikes hit the road!  In the Steampunk Holmes stories the Widowmakr runs on steam power, but in real life they will sport a wickedly powerful petrol-fueled combustion engine.

Here an excerpt from the book, Steampunk Holmes: Legacy of the Nautilus, which explains how the Widowmakr got its name. This bike is not for the faint of heart.

Holmes' enormous motorized bicycle, the Widowmak’r, was his pet hobby, and so enamored was he with its power and terrific capability for speed, he could not keep his enjoyment of the vehicle to himself. The Widowmak’r got its name from the engineer Holmes employed to help him build it. The engineer, a cankerous old man but a genius with H202 steam engines, told Holmes that no good could come of such a machine. He called it a “Widowmak’r” because it would surly kill Holmes and leave his wife a widow. Holmes had laughed at that, and said he had no intention of ever marrying, but he immediately fancied the name Widowmak’r – or Widow as he called it for short –  and has used it ever since.  
Doctor Watson 1885

Supporting this kickstarter project will help make this bike a reality - without Steampunk Holmes there is no Widowmakr and that would be a crying shame.

Please support our project, Steampunk Holmes, at


Felicity Mozdzen said...

This bike is too beautiful for its own good. I have a rausser with airhawk but still happy.

Transmedia Publisher said...

Hi Felicity,

Glad you like it - its really a thing of beauty.

p.s. love the profile pick you have - awesome!

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