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The ePUB Edition is Here!

The First ePUB edition with new the cover can be purchased and downloaded from today!  If you've been aching to read the story than go to and buy it today!

The ePUB allows you to read the entire novella and is a finished product. It's different from the iPad edition in that there is no art work or animation - its pure text.

We are so dedicated to the ePUB edition that we engaged John Coulthart to design the book's cover. You've probably seen John's work before on the covers of such books as Infernal Devices, Morlock Night, and Flamming Zepplins.  (for all those Cthulhu fans out there John also does a lot of covers for works by H.P. Lovecraft ).

The ePUB edition of Steampunk Holmes: Legacy of the Nautilus will be released in the Apple's iBookstore, Barns & Noble Nook store, Sony Reader Store among others.  We'll also be releasing the book in the kindle book store - either through Smashwords or directly!  

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