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WANTED: Vendor-Partners for Steampunk Catalog

Steampunk Holmes, in all of its incarnations (iPad book app, eBook, Web book, and Print), will include a catalog of Steampunk merchandise.  We are actively looking for vendors of Steampunk jewelry, clothes, devices, art, etc - if its steampunk we are interested - for inclusion in our catalog.

In the interactive iPad and Web books will allow you to interact with the ads and follow links to the vendors.   For example, if you click or touch the add for Abney Park you can watch Abney Park's new video.  From there you can go directly to Abney Park's page on iTunes.
With the Widowmakr, the street legal motorcycle we will be marketing with the book, you click on the ad and up pops a 360 degree interactive model.  You can play around with the bike seeing it from many angles and then with a click/touch go to the web site to find out more information and even order the motorcycle!
For the iPad and Web books, The Steampunk Catalog is embedded directly into the book and can be accessed at any time by pressing the Store Icon in the upper left hand corner of the books menu controls.  For the eBook and the Print edition the ads will be in the back of the book with web site information (the eBook can actually allow for hyperlinks).

We are really excited about this concept of integrating non-intrusive advertising directly into the book itself. We are experimenting with a couple different business models one of which has the vendor pay percentage of sales (backend financing) the other is pay per click.

We have three products in the Catalog right now, Abney Park, the Steampunk Holmes audiobook, and the Widowmakr and we are looking for more partners so the catalog can have several pages of merchandise. If you sell Steampunk merchandise and are interested, please contact us at

Please support our project, Steampunk Holmes, at


Allen said...

Sounds like an interesting project. I am an artist. My blog is Please check out my site and see if the work is suitable for your catalogue. How much would the cost be and what kind of web page would I need for connection. Thanks

Steampunk Leather said...

I make Steampunk hats and and wish to know costs.

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