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Steampunk Holmes: Frankenstein to be illustrated by Yun Ling!

Yun Ling, Random Paint, October 2011

Sometimes things happen for a reason.  As you know from this website, the art work that Daniel Cortes did for Steampunk Holmes: Legacy of the Nautilus is outstanding.  He is a fantastic artist, so we were really sad to discover that he wouldn't be able to do all the art for Steampunk Holmes: Frankenstein.  We had to find a new artist to do mechanicals and illustrations.

We looked at literally hundreds of artists, gave up for awhile, looked some more, gave up again, and finally we found exactly the right artist in the work of Yun Ling.  Ling is the Senior Concept Artist at Volta, a computer games company, and is originally from China.  His work is very well regarded and Daniel Cortes was absolutely thrilled that Ling will be picking up where he left off. So are we!

The second book in the series, Steampunk Holmes: Frankenstein, is a dark book about humanity, or our lack of it, and the art needed to reflect a certain darkness.  Yun Ling's style is a perfect mix of elements that are just downright scary. It's perfect - and having looked at the work of so many other very talented artists we were thrilled when Yun Ling agreed to join the project.

In addition to doing the big scenes, Yun Ling will also be doing the new mechanicals drawings. Some mechanicals will be familiar to readers (such as Watson's Arm and the Widowmakr) but there will also be a lot of new devices all rendered in Yun Ling's unique style. 
Yun Ling, Concept Art, Volta

For the portraits, Daniel Cortes will return to the project - the scope of that work is small enough that he can handle it in addition to all his other work.  We are thrilled to be working with Daniel again and to be working with Yun Ling for the first time.   Get ready this winter for Steampunk Homes: Frankenstein – it’s going to be fantastic!

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