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Steampunk Holmes: Looking for BETA Testers!

Development of the interactive iPad edition of Steampunk Holmes: Legacy of the Nautilus is coming along well. The ability to jump from section to section and to pop-up animated illustrations of gadgets and character portraits, among many other features, is in the works.

For example, when viewing the mechanical drawings of the Widowmakr, Sherlock Holmes motorcycle, the reader can animate various components of the vehical with the touch of a finger.  See top left for a composite video example (in the application only the component you touch will animate and it will do so until you tap again or several seconds have elapsed.)

The portraits are also animated. If you forget who a character is you can touch their name and a profile with a portrait pops up on the screen. The portraits are all lightly animated - each in its own way.  For example, the portrait Inspector Lestrade (top right) looks right and arches his eye brow every now and then.

The BETA, which launches in mid-August, will be limited to a few select individuals so that we can keep the BETA manageable. As soon as the BETA period is complete (when we've flushed out all the issues ) the full version of the Book App will be released to the App Store (no later than November of 2012).  If you are interested in being included in the BETA program, please send an email to telling us which iPad device you own and, in one sentence, why you think you should be selected for the BETA program.

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