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Announcing 'Steam Patriots'!

Eaglepus by Patrick Arrasmith

If you are a fan of Steampunk Holmes than you'll like a new product we are brining to market, STEAM PATRIOTS by authors Scott Wakefield and Rory Boyle!  Scott and Rory, fellow servicemen in the U.S. Coast Guard, wrote an incredible treatment for the series which just blew us away!  As if that is not enough we are also announcing that the artist for the series is the very talented Patrick Arrasmith whose vintage scratch board art has graced many book covers as well as editorials in many National magazines.  This is a creative team that can't be beat!

STEAM PATRIOTS  takes place in 1776 at the start of the American Revolutionary War and features, among other famous patriots, George Washington, General at War, Benedict Arnold, double agent, and Benjamin Franklin, a man who has fundamentally altered society with his fantastic steam-powered inventions.

STEAM PATRIOTS  chronicles the adventures of Felix, a young man with an unusual gift: a photographic memory.  Follow Felix through this alternative universe as he serves General Washington and apprentices to Benjamin Franklin in a American Revolution that is both familiar and alien.  With huge steam-powered tanks, and other devices the Founding Father's never imagined, Felix travels across the Colonies and through Europe in a clever, action-packed, and often funny bid to win America's freedom.

As is the case with our celebrated Steampunk Holmes series, STEAM PATRIOTS  will be released as a series of several novellas in multiple channels including eBooks, Web books, audiobooks, paper books, and fully interactive iPad books.  The first book of the series will be available as an eBook in the fourth quarter of 2012 - to be quickly followed by the Web book, paper book, audiobook, and interactive iPad book. 

As we did for Steampunk Holmes, we sill launch a Kickstarter Campaign to finance development of the first two books in the STEAM PATRIOTS series. The Kickstarter campaign launches on September 14th, 2012 and will end October 14th, 2012.  We have a lot to accomplish between now and then including developing our Kickstarter video, book trailer, and reward selections.

After our very successful Steampunk Holmes Kickstarter campaign we hope to have learned enough to run an even more successful STEAM PATRIOTS campaign.  We aim to raise enough money to support the development of all the artwork for at least the first two books in the series in addition to some more software development in order to create the book app, the web app, ebooks, and more.

Please help spread the word about STEAM PATRIOTS -- the more fans we have before we launch our Kickstarter campaign the more likely we are to succeed. Follow STEAM PATRIOTS  on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and tell your friends!

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