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Steampunk Holmes: Audiobook Preview

We are hard at work editing the audiobook version of Steampunk Holmes: Legacy of the Nautilus and we wanted to share a rough draft of the first chapter. Please have a listen to the great performances of Gerald Price (Narrator and Dr. Watson), Shash Hira (Sherlock Holmes and Inspector Lestrade) and Nicky Barber (Mycroft Holmes) and let us know what you think.  Enjoy!


ray thor said...

In listening to the audio, it is apparent that you have captured the essence of CONAN DOYLE's characters. I like any audio book or movie about HOLMES. Holmes is one of the most popular characters in radio, movies, books, television, magazines, etc. In order to define the mind of Sherlock Holmes, you must understand the mind of his creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Doyle was a complex man, considered by some to be eccentric due to his preoccupation with spiritualists
What if Sherlock Holmes really existed? Was Sir Conan Doyle really Dr. Watson? He was a medical doctor. OR, was he both Holmes and Watson; a split personality? My ebook novel, BLOODGUILTY, poses that question and answers it. It is available on the KINDLE bookstore by RAYMOND THOR. Click here:

Brown Bag Comics said...

Loved this audio and can't wait to listen to the whole story with voices. Although I picture Mycroft to be less "hardened" than her picture on this page, I still find the whole concept (and so far execution) to be thrilling and worth the wait!

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