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Steampunk Holmes Murder Mystery Game

You heard us right!  Noble Beast, publisher of Steampunk Holmes, is partnering with award winning Shot In The Dark Mysteries to bring you a murder mystery steampunk cosplay game!  The game will be released in 2013 and will be sold by Shot In The Dark Mysteries and Noble Beast Emporium.

What is a Murder Mystery Game? A Murder Mystery Game is a party style game that is played at someone's home. Murder Mystery Games are usually designed to be played with 2 to 20 (or more) of your friends.  During the game guests and the host will take on various roles of suspects and investigators as they attempt to solve the mystery by asking other guests questions.  Players are invited to attend the party dressed as, and ready to play the part of, one of the suspects in the game.  It can be played along with a dinner or cocktail party.  It's like Sleep No More, but steampunk, and at home.

So, now you won't have to wait for a CON to get dressed up in your steampunk regalia, you can throw a Murder Mystery Party specifically designed for the Steampunk fans!  How cool is that!  Stay tuned via Twitter and Facebook for more information in the coming months.


Monika Borua said...
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sophie david said...

Thanks for the post!! I will definitely arranged this murder mystery game at my home whenever there will be the party time.

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